The Best Teachers are ARTISTS who know the SCIENCE of teaching

Robotics is very interesting if learnt from the right person. We at Virtus ROBOTICS, are so passionate about robotics and artificial intelligence. Our trainers are more passionate to teach robotics rather than qualification.

Why your kid must join Virtus Robotics?

  • Your kids will be taught robotics based on latest and updated curriculum.
  • Your kids will have hands on practical experience on various parts/components.
  • Your kids will understand the importance of team work. They will learn robotics as team.
  • Limited team size and batch size for personal attention of students.
  • Evaluation based on your kids performance after completion of course.
  • A team of dedicated and passionate trainers.
  • Students will be taught programming using simple graphical based software and then move to advanced coding at later levels.
  • Fun based learning rather than academic based learning.
  • Access to online learning software from anywhere and anytime access on a separate fee basis.

Our Coaching Mantra

“Tell Me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand”
We believe in this, all our classes are practical based training with robotics kits which helps student to understand the concepts better and clearly.