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Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.


Everything begins with an idea.


Design your robots which you like the most.


Automate this world with your robots.

Rule the world of Robotics with Virtus Robotics Courses.

Virtus Robotics, a leading robotics training centre in Chennai & Coimbatore. Virtus Robotics is founded by Karthikeyan R and Santhoshni M R, two young, dynamic and aspiring edupreneurs with a vision to provide latest and updated robotics training to students of all ages and levels. Virtus Robotics has its presence at Chennai (Anna Nagar) and Coimbatore (Sivananda Colony).

Santhoshni and Karthikeyan are also founders of Virtus Academy, a professional coaching centre for Chartered Accountants and Four square Consulting firm in Chennai & Coimbatore.

If you are looking for best training centre for robotics training in Chennai and Coimbatore, look no further. You are at the right place. Want to know why? Read further…

Students are taught the basics of robotics which helps them to create their own projects and activities.

Post completion of course, students are issued digital certificate and also they are exposed to various challenges and competitions during the training period.

Virtus Robotics, is also actively engaged in providing robotics training to Corporate clients"

Why Robotics?

“It wont happen overnight, but the day is coming when you will simply say to a swarm of robots, ‘Okay, go and perform this mission”.
“Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) is the next big change after Internet and Mobile”

“Engineers with specialization in AI have ample job opportunities across the world” – Article in Education Plus, The Hindu dated 21 Mar 16.
Yes. You read it correctly. Robotics or AI is the next big change after Internet and Mobile.
How Internet and mobile has taken over our world. In 2010, mobile internet was unknown to many of us. Many of thought internet & mobile was luxury. But Now, we can’t live without mobile or internet. It has basic necessity for every person in this world.

Smartphones are indispensable from kids to grandparents.
Similarly tomorrow, world will be operated and controlled by robots and AI.
Every big Company in the world is investing on Artificial Intelligence and robots. Why.. They know the future is in Robotics and AI.
Self - driving and vehicles which we have seen so far in sci-fi movies will be on our roads/streets in the near future. Our interaction with robots, humanoids will increase manifold.

But whether your kids and children are geared up for future robotic world.
Can they survive in future job market without robotics or AI knowledge. Is having knowledge on computers or mobile is enough in today’ scenario.
In our humble view. NOOO.

They are required to have knowledge on many future technologies. One such is Robotics or AI.
Though this will be basictraining for them, this will provide the basic foundation of robotics.
After that, sky is the limits for your child..
He can be the next Elon Musk...

Awesome Team

We do Loud; We do Fun; We do Awesome

Karthikeyan R

His professional and work experiences spreads across various Multi National Companies like Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton in India.

Santhoshni M R

Santhoshni M R, holds Masters degree in Commere and she is a Chartered Accountant by qualification.